The benefits of attending a trade show can have a phenomenal impact on a company’s growth. And since the cost of display booths and exhibits have become extremely affordable, the “cost-benefit” trade-off is nothing short of extraordinary. With a little planning and foresight, you can successfully attend a trade show on a shoestring budget. You can have a presence similar to what many medium and large size businesses and corporations receive at trade shows. This can be accomplished on a tight budget, even if you’re a small business.

If you’re not sure, give yourself a quick education on what you can expect at a trade show. A little pre-planning can have tremendous payoffs. Some quick online searches will net you some fantastic results. You can easily locate a list of competitors who attended last year’s show. You can also find out who’s attending this year’s show. Many will have information on their website’s about the shows they attended, and even have photos. You can see how they presented themselves. See what types of display booths they use.

OK, so what would work for you? Would “banner stands,” or “pop-up displays” add to your business’s presentation? Use this information to create a strategy you can use at the show. What can possibly give you a better edge than knowing what to expect from your competitors at the show.

Remember this is also an incredible opportunity where you can meet face-to-face with decision makers in your field or industry. Many small businesses have received large orders as a result of their interaction with the right parties at a trade show. The contacts you can make at a trade show are invaluable. Whether you need portable displays, pop-up displays, or banner stands, don’t forget, there are options for every budget. And remember, if you can’t afford to buy it, you can rent it!

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When attending a trade show, your booth needs to stand out to get attention. Your booth needs to be interesting and different to draw the attention of potential customers. The more attention you can attract, the more potential customers you can reach and, hopefully, lead to more sales.

You will be passing out a lot of information about your company at a trade show. It’s important to get literature racks to display your brochures and company information. These will get the papers off of a table and displayed higher where your customers can see them. It will also make it easier for your customers to see what you have to offer.

Trade show floor tiles will serve two purposes. First, it gives your booth a defined space and helps with the theme. Secondly, they are made of lightweight shock-absorbing foam. This type of flooring reduces fatigue and is more comfortable to stand and walk on.

The overall theme of your trade show display is what will make the first impression on future customers. You never get another chance to make a first impression, so you need to impress them the first time. When you are at a trade show with hundreds of other vendors, you need to make your booth stand out with accessories and color.

Stuck for fresh marketing ideas?  How about opting for your own banner stands?  Banner stands are a low cost way to add a priceless credibility to your business, no matter where you display them.  From trade conferences to photo ops, from corporate entertainment days to your own HQ, retractable banner stands are a great way to get your message across.

Retractable banner stands can themselves be used as a low-cost trade show solution, with one positioned either side of a table or presentation area, or can be set up in a conference lobby within seconds.  And with banner stand lights, you can also use your banner stand outdoors, day or night, or even in less well lit environments.

Why not sit a banner stand next to the entrance of your office, or have it on hand for mobile PR opportunities?  Set-up and retract your own branded, professional banner stand display in less than 5 seconds for a portable, aesthetically pleasing and effective display solution.

The Colony Chamber of Commerce has announced its annual business expo, “ March Madness Business Expo” which is scheduled on March 28, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are going to present the promotional items there and you can take the tour of the trade show display meant for the members of Chamber. This will be open to general public that day and anyone can take the advantage of them. You can easily have refreshments and drawings that are door-prized all the day through and will definitely enjoy everything out there. These kinds of trade shows in fact arrange everything including refreshment and recreation in order to attract public so that their purpose of trade show exhibits of promotional items is fulfilled.

Any business needs advertisement and marketing in order to succeed and flourish. The Colony Chamber of Commerce has been associated with these kinds of shows since long. This is a very good platform for businessmen to promote their business and items with the help of various marketing and networking options available there. You can yourself showcase your business by being the spotlight sponsor. You just need to become its member and whether you have a small business to run or a huge one, you will be certainly benefited here. If you are interested in this you can call the Chamber office at 972-625-8027 or visit their site, and get more information on the business Expo. Before this site, nobody would think of all these things being done online but now Colony Chamber of Commerce has made this possible.


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